What to Keep in Mind for Your Custom Welding Job?


Customization is something we’re all familiar with in the retail, food and tech spaces, but it may not spring to mind when you think of industrial projects. However, if you have a petroleum project, custom welding may be necessary for it to have a successful outcome and stay within budget. This style of welding can be used in areas such as fall protection, supports for pipes and even pipe or tank repairs, depending on the situation.

Since custom welding requires special skills, you may need to look outside of your business to find the right professional for the job. As you consider the project and your choices, here’s what to keep in mind.

Different welders have different skill sets

It’s likely you will run into several service providers who offer custom welding. However, it’s crucial to find a provider with experience in the type of project you need carried out. Welding part of a tank, for example, is not the same as welding something onto a car. A person with decades of car welding experience may be an expert at that type of welding but could struggle with what you need done in your project.

When you consider custom welding providers, get some details first. Speak to the providers about their welder’s level of experience in what type of work you will need. You’re looking for a welder who has completed work on projects just like yours before and not just someone who has welded before. Don’t be afraid to dig deep here–ask to see what professional certifications those welders have and request information and photos of similar projects they’ve actually done work on. This will give you a genuine idea of their skill level and relevant experience.

Clarify the custom welding terms of your petroleum project

No one wants to have a project stalled because of just one part or be surprised by a huge bill at the end after the work is done. You should be able to get an estimate for your job from the custom welding provider that includes additional costs for the common things that could go wrong and a timeline. Naturally, your provider can’t guarantee anything, but if they have experience, they should be able to provide you with a cost range, the potential trouble factors and anything else that could change the cost or the timeline. With this information, you will be able to change your budget or amend your project’s timeline as necessary.

Welding can seem like a “simple” task to those who have not done this type of work before. However, it takes skill and precision, and this is particularly true in custom welding for petroleum projects. Your welder will be working around dangerous liquids and with expensive equipment, so you don’t want to find out they don’t have the skills necessary for the job when it’s too late. Ask the right questions and do some research before selecting a provider so you don’t end up with a disaster on your hands.

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