The Importance of Petroleum Tank Maintenance

Fuel storage tanks are an important asset for many Canadian businesses. The ability to store and dispense fuel as required can make the difference between a business operating profitably or not. Owning your own fuel tank allows you to buy fuel in bulk when the price is low and dispense it as required instead of relying on service stations for fueling your vehicles. Protecting and maintaining these assets in top condition is of critical importance to the safety of your operations.

Petroleum Tank Installation and Maintenance

Whatever industry your business operates in, if you need your own fuel tank, it needs to be suitable for your intended purposes. It must have the right size to meet your requirements, be accessible only by appropriately trained personnel and be maintained effectively to ensure its safe operation. Even small fissures can create a significant problem downstream, with leakages potentially creating a fire risk or a human health hazard, not to mention the sheer amount of money wasted as fuel is lost to the elements.

It is not as simple as determining that your business would benefit from its own fuel tank and then installing one. There is a significant amount of work required to conceptualize your design, plan your site and ensure that access and egress arrangements are appropriate, in addition to the implementation of the installation itself. You will need to decide whether to place your tank above or below ground; this will depend on your individual circumstances, the size of your site, intended access arrangements and any other specialist arrangements that are specific to your business.

Once you have installed a fuel tank, it will need regular maintenance to ensure that it remains in a safe and fully operational condition. Should you reach a point in time when your fuel tank is no longer required, it will need to be safely drained and decommissioned, then removed from the site for correct disposal.

Specialist Activities:

Routine maintenance is often not sufficient to maintain fuel tanks in a fully operational condition. Some specialist activities are required, such as the installation and maintenance of fire systems that are designed to protect your site and workers from accidental or intentional fuel ignition and roof repairs that will maintain the integrity of your storage tanks.

When you are hit by bad weather, it is highly advisable to have your fuel tanks independently inspected to ensure that the fuel that you have stored remains fit for purpose and has not been subjected to water ingress. This is particularly likely to occur following a prolonged period of heavy snow.

In Conclusion

If your team is occupied with daily tasks, you may benefit from employing a specialist contractor to undertake the maintenance of your fuel tanks and terminals on your behalf. By choosing a specialist maintenance contractor such as Frontier Petroleum to perform general contracting for your business, you will benefit from a fully licensed and insured service that will keep your staff safe and maintain safe operations. When your business and people operate safely and effectively, you are free to focus on income-generating activities instead of planning administrative tasks and routine maintenance.