Not Using a Full-Service Contractor? Here Are 4 Benefits You’ll Lose

When you are trying to find a contractor for your next petroleum project, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the options. After all, many companies offer services in a variety of fuel service areas. Before you opt to use multiple companies for the different parts of your project because you think it may save you some money, you must consider the benefits you will lose out on by taking this route.

Consolidated petroleum project management

It is absolutely crucial for the sake of your budget and your timeline that your project is managed properly from the very start. You can only manage this so far, as you are not the person with the experience in the work that needs to be done. You will, in essence, be relying on your contractor to handle the nuts and bolts end of the project.

When you are using multiple companies at the various points in your project lifecycle, the management of the project can fall by the wayside. You will have multiple companies trying to work together, and this can lead to delays and miscommunications that negatively impact your project. When you use a firm that offers all the services your project needs, from pipe installation to the decommissioning of a tank, the project will be managed from one central point instead of several, avoiding the dreaded “too many cooks in the kitchen” scenario.

A better line of communication

It is only natural to want to be fully informed about your project at every phase, even if you are not involved in the actual work itself. After all, it is your business or organization that will be impacted by the success–or failure–of your fuel project.

When you are working with multiple contractors, it can be tough to juggle all those points of contact. Nothing is more frustrating than having to contact several people just for an accurate status update. With just one full-service contractor handling the project, however, you’ll be able to get the answers you need when you need them, and you will likely only have to contact one person for information.

Immediate expert assistance

You never fully know what type of work your project will ultimately require. You may discover, midway through, that there is a problem that will require custom welding to solve. If you are using many contractors, you may need to find another one to handle this part now, delaying your project.

When you are using a petroleum contractor who is full service, you are unlikely to run into this issue. The contractor will have professionals ready for every aspect of your project.

Clearer control over cost

When you run estimates, you may feel that using several contractors instead of one will be less expensive, but you have to remember that is on paper only. In reality, it can be more costly when you use several companies on your project. You never know what will pop up that will require yet another company, and those delays can add up quickly.

Don’t leave your project in the hands of several contractors. Go with a one-stop service that will effectively manage your project from start to finish.