Frontier Petroleum: One-Stop Shop for All Fuel Terminal Maintenance

petroleum tank maintenance

Whether your tank is old, new, above ground, below ground or ready to be built, there is work to be done. This work has to be expertly conducted in accordance with all local and safety regulations.

General contracting

We offer all the fuel terminal services you may need, and we are fully insured and licensed so you can feel complete confidence in your decision. From snow removal to roof repair and fire system repair or installation, our team of experienced workers will make sure your project goes as smoothly and as fast as possible.

In addition, we offer full end-to-end setups for your fuel needs, including the installation and repair of tanks below or above ground and all the piping related to it. Proper piping is an important part of a successful tank installation and operation, so it is best left to experienced professionals. Custom welding solutions are also available, including but not limited to loading rack solutions, tank and piping repairs, fall protection and fuel pipe supports. With this type of welding, tank solutions can be found that you may not have even realized were possible.

Tank removal and closure

There may come a time when you need to close a fuel tank or remove it permanently. This needs to be done correctly; failure to do so could lead to an environmental disaster, loss of usable land, fines and other penalties from the various regulatory agencies with oversight on fuel projects. We are experienced in these types of projects and will ensure your tank closure and/or removal is performed correctly and in accordance with all applicable regulations.

Electrical needs

We are certified by the Electrical Safety Authority, and we specialize in tank automation and control, tank gauging and instrumentation, electrical construction and maintenance, and PLC-based installations. If you are having an electrical problem that you are struggling to figure out, we can also troubleshoot that for you so you can make the necessary adjustments to resolve the problem.

Confined space rescues

Working in confined spaces poses special risks to workers. We use the latest rescue equipment, and our team is fully trained in the latest rescue methods. When you have staff working in narrow spaces, you are responsible for their safety, so don’t leave anything to chance–have an experienced team standing by in case the unexpected happens.

Working in and around fuel requires experience and the highest level of professionalism because of the inherent hazards involved and the associated high price tag. A tank that has leaked into the ground and a nearby water source because of improper installation, for example, will cost your company significantly in fines and clean-up and cause lasting damage to your business image. Keep your employees safe and your budget protected by hiring an experienced, all-service firm such as Frontier Petroleum for your next project.