Finding Your Custom Welding Partner

Custom is the name of the game in just about every consumer industry today. Some items of medical equipment, cars, bikes and even appliances are customizable. With that in mind, the increase in custom services in commercial and industrial spaces is not surprising and sometimes necessary to get the job done.

In the oil industry, custom welding can play an important part in successful project completion. From pipe or tank repair and fall protection to solutions for loading racks, a custom welding approach might be necessary to tackle the job. Of course, for the project to be successfully completed, you need to find the right custom welding service provider. Here’s how you can do just that.

Look for welders with experience

As you search, you might notice several companies offering custom welding. However, experience in petroleum welding is what you need to see. Welding for a tank or confined space safety project is different from welding a car part. You might even opt to employ a welder, but it’s still smart to look elsewhere if your employee has no real experience in the task at hand.

When you vet service providers, one thing you should do is ask them how experienced their welders are in the exact type of service you need performed. Ideally, you’ll be able to access the services of a welder who has done the same type of work before. Ask for information about similar projects the welder has done and if there are any photos of it you can view. Finally, inquire about the professional certifications of the welders on the service provider’s staff. This will give you a better idea of the welder’s tested skill levels and experience.

Know what you are agreeing to

You should receive cost estimates and parameters for your custom weld job, and these should include the cost of some variables in case things don’t go as planned. An experienced provider can’t see into the future, but they can give you an idea of what could go wrong and potential factors that could affect the cost and the completion timeline. This information is valuable because it allows you to budget more realistically and adjust your completion expectations as necessary.

When you need custom welding, you must do your research to ensure you are selecting an experienced service provider. While welding might seem like a job any person with a blowtorch can handle, in reality, it’s a skilled exercise that merits the use of a person with expertise so you don’t end up with an expensive or dangerous disaster on your hands. This is particularly relevant if your welding job involves dangerous liquids.

The experienced welding team at Frontier Petroleum has worked on many types of custom welding solutions for customers. If you need custom welding for your next project, contact us for help today.