Custom Welding May Be the Answer to Your Dilemma

Just about everything these days–from cars to homes and even some medical equipment–is customizable. Not only have we come to expect some form of customization in our consumer goods, but we are starting to realize how necessary it may be in some industrial and commercial spaces as well.

In the petroleum space, custom welding can play a very crucial role in the successful completion of a project. From loading rack solutions to full pipe supports, fall protection, and tank or piping repairs, a custom welding solution may be called for in your project. Here’s what you need to know before you decide on a service provider.

Remember not all welders are created equal

You may find many service providers offering custom welding, but as with anything else, practice makes perfect. Welding for these types of projects is not the same as welding a part on a motor vehicle. While you may have a welder on your own time, it’s wise to seek help elsewhere if that staff member does not have the experience in the welding task you need done.

Ask your prospective providers about how experienced their welders are in the specific areas you need handled. Ideally, you will be dealing with a welder who has done the type of work you need done before, not something that is only remotely similar. Inquire about the professional certifications the welders on the provider’s team have to get a clearer idea of their experience and tested skill levels, and ask for photos or information about projects they have done for other customers that are relatively similar.

Know the deal before going in

A custom weld job should come with parameters and cost estimates, including the potential price tags for things that simply do not go as expected. Of course, even the most experienced provider will not be able to predict the future, but they should be able to give you an idea of the cost, what could go wrong and other factors that will impact the price and the completion timeline based on their experience. You can use this information to budget more accurately and adjust your completion timetable as needed.

When it comes to tank welding and custom welding in other areas, it simply pays to do your research and go with an experienced provider. While welding may seem like an “easy” fix that anyone with a blowtorch can do, it is a skilled job that calls for someone with expertise so you can avoid costly and dangerous mistakes, and this is especially true when the welding involves flammable, potentially dangerous liquids.

At Frontier Petroleum, we have an experienced team who has handled several different types of custom welding tank, piping and safety solutions in the past, and we are ready and prepared to tackle your next project.