Benefits to Choosing a Full-Service Contracting Solution

While there are many contractors to choose from, they are not all the same, especially when it comes to the fuel terminal services being offered. Before you decide how to handle your construction needs on your next fuel project, here’s what to consider.

Pros at your fingertips

When you work with an expert contractor, you’ll have access to professionals in the field with experience, whether you need custom welding or complete end-to-end fuel setups. You can feel more confident knowing that your project will be handled by people with expert petrochemical knowledge, skills and experience.

One project, one team

In working with a contracting firm on your petroleum construction or environmental project, you want the entire project to be managed properly. A full-service firm will be better able to manage a project from start to finish because they will be able to handle all areas and phases involved, and they have experience doing so from other projects similar to yours. From tank and piping installations through to future tank decommissioning, you need a firm with expertise in the whole lifecycle.

More open communication

While the expert contractors you choose will naturally be the practical lead on the project, you still want to have a clear idea of how it is going and you want to be informed of any problems or progress delays. When you work with a full-service firm, you’ll be able to build relationships with points-of-contact who have working knowledge of where your project is and what is going to happen next. Instead of having to contact several different agencies to get answers or status reports, perhaps on line design and separately on the required custom welding, you’ll be able to contact the same contractor each time you need information.

Better cost control

Having to divide services among more than one contractor not only can get confusing, it can also get expensive. It’s harder to plan your budget and make adjustments as needed when you are bringing in more than one firm to do fall protection, one to do fuel pipe supports and another to do mechanical and hydro excavation for the same project. When one contractor is able to handle all of your project’s needs, you’ll have a clearer idea of the potential costs before the work is even started so you can plan accordingly. Of course, there is always a chance something unexpected will arise despite this approach, but at least you can have the work begin with a general idea of what it will ultimately cost you.

When you work with a full service contracting agency, you will have a team with all the members you need in place and under one banner working on your project from the start. This, among other reasons, is why a full-service solution is an approach to consider when you want your petroleum construction project to go as smoothly as possible.