6 Things to Look for When You Hire Underground Oil-Tank Maintenance Services

Underground oil tanks are visually pleasing, with no impact on the above-ground landscape. They secure your fuel and reduce the fire risk that is often associated with above-ground tanks. However, they must be properly maintained to ensure that they do not pose an environmental hazard. When underground oil tanks spring a leak, they can cause significant harm to the local ecosystem, and the cleanup operation can be very costly.

Canadian Oil Tank Regulations state that all underground oil tanks with a capacity of greater than 5000 litres must be tested for leaks every year. For this reason, it is essential that a professional supplier of underground oil tank maintenance services is hired annually to perform the requisite inspections.

It is essential that you select a professional company that will perform the required maintenance to the highest standards. When choosing a company, consider the following 6 points.

1. Petroleum Experience and Expertise

You should select a company with significant expertise in this field. Look for a provider that has a proven track record and that will be able to identify potential issues, deliver accurate assessments and provide you with a choice of effective solutions for resolving any issues encountered.

2. Licensing and Certification

Check that the company has all necessary licenses and certifications to perform this type of maintenance in your province. For example, maintenance providers in Alberta must be registered with the Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta (PTMAA). Choosing an approved provider reduces the risk of faults going unnoticed and ensures best-practice compliance.


3. Comprehensive Services

Where possible, select a maintenance service provider that offers a range of services. This could extend beyond leak inspection to cleaning, repairs and even tank removal should your underground petroleum tank no longer be required. An experienced company that offers a comprehensive service catalogue will be well-placed to handle all of your maintenance needs.

4. Insurance Coverage

Make sure that your chosen provider is insured for the work that they carry out. This is crucial as it protects both you and the service provider should any unforeseen issues arise as a result of the maintenance process.

5. References and Reviews

Often, the best companies are found through word-of-mouth recommendations, but where you have no personal recommendations from trusted confidants, take the time to research the company online prior to booking. A history of positive reviews and recommendations are good indicators that you will receive a professional and trustworthy service.

6. Environmental Responsibility

Underground oil tank leaks can have a lasting and devastating impact on the environment and local wildlife populations, so it is essential that you select a company with good ethical credentials. Inquire about their waste disposal methods and the way in which they will minimize the environmental risks posed by the maintenance activity to ensure that you are satisfied with their approach.

To Conclude

Hiring the right service provider will ensure that your underground oil tank will remain operational for the long term, protecting against leaks and costly repairs. When you consider the factors described above, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience of a professional, insured and licenced company.